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Office Assistant – Job Posting

Job Title: Office

Assistant Application Method: Resumes should be sent to Chet Janik, Interim Village Manager, either by email at or by mail to PO Box 336, Northport, MI 49670. Compensation Range: $17-$21 per hour.


Job Description:

  1. POSITION REPORTS TO: The Village Manager.
  2. POSITION SUMMARY: The Office Assistant will perform secretarial and administrative duties on a part-time basis to ensure the smooth operations of the Village, the Village Council, and its committees.
  3. MAJOR DUTIES: 3.1) Take notes and compose minutes for all monthly Village Council meetings, as well as monthly meetings of its five committees: Finance, Infrastructure, Waterfront, Employee Relations, and Parks and Trails. 3.2) Greet visitors to the office and direct them to the appropriate person for assistance. 3.3) Answer telephone calls and respond to some emails. 3.4) Perform administrative tasks, including filing and photocopying. 3.5) Book meeting rooms and set up conference calls and Zoom meetings. 3.6) Prepare and mail outgoing correspondence. 3.7) Order and maintain supplies.
  4. ANCILLARY DUTIES: 4.1) Assist as required with emails, memos, letters, and other correspondence. 4.2) Assist with presentations and reports.

The Office Assistant serves as the “first face” of Northport for many visitors and callers. It is essential to maintain a welcoming, warm, calm, and confident demeanor. The assistant should also be able to respond to last-minute requests from staff or Council members with grace.

If you are interested in the Office Assistant position, please send your resume to the provided contact information. Ensure that your resume highlights your relevant skills, experience, and qualifications for the role.

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