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Invitation to Participate in the Northport Village Master Plan Update Survey

Dear Northport Residents and Stakeholders,

The Village of Northport Planning Commission is pleased to announce the initiation of the process to update our Master Plan, as stipulated by Michigan’s Public Act 33 of 2008 and its subsequent amendments. This update is a critical step in shaping the future of our community, and your input is invaluable.

Public Participation Notice: In accordance with the Michigan Planning Enabling Act (MPEA), we are reaching out to gather insights and feedback from all stakeholders in and around our community, including neighboring municipalities, local government entities, and public utility and transportation agencies.

We Need Your Input: To effectively incorporate community needs and visions into the updated Master Plan, we have developed a Master Plan Questionnaire. Your suggestions, comments, and insights into what should be addressed in this update are crucial.

How to Participate: 

  • Complete the Survey: A Master Plan Questionnaire is included for your input. Please complete and return it by May 8, 2024.
  • Send Your Feedback: If you prefer, you can send a letter with your opinions, questions, or position regarding the Master Plan to the Village of Northport, Attention: Planning Commission, 116 W Nagonaba St, Northport, MI 49670. Alternatively, you can email us at

Next Steps: Following this initial feedback phase, we will compile a draft of the Master Plan and release it for public review and comment, ensuring that all voices are heard and considered in the planning process.

Your Voice Matters: Your participation is essential to ensure that the Master Plan truly reflects the aspirations and needs of our community. We look forward to your active involvement in shaping the future of the Village of Northport.

Thank you for your cooperation and engagement.

Warm regards,

The Northport Village Planning Commission

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