Our planning commission is a seven member body appointed by the Village Council to prepare a master plan for the Village. It sets forth local goals, objectives and policies for community growth and/or redevelopment.

Board Members

Kathryn Frerichs


Email: kathyfrerichs@icloud.com

Phone: 231-386-5120

Bob Newell

Board Member

Email: bobceng@att.net

Cell: 313-204-8312

 Joni Scott

Board Member/ Interim Zoning Administrator

Email: clerk@villageofnorthport.net
Phone: 231-386-5182 ext 10

Nicole Arbury

Board Member

Email: narburynptpc@gmail.com
Phone: 231-386-5945

Kathy Wessell

Board Member

Email: kathy.wessell@gmail.com

Cell: 231-432-0030

Jane Gale

Board Member

Email: jgalenptvc@gmail.com
Phone: 231-386-1066

Laura Cavendish

Board Member

Email: lcavendishnptpc@gmail.com
Phone: 231-386-2216

Daniel Caudill

Board Member

Email: danielcaudill@me.com

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Dates

Meets the third Wednesday of the month via ZOOM at 7 PM until further notice.

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